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Bali is not only known as a stunning tourist location, but also as a famous wedding destination. Not a few tourists come to this Heavenly island just to tie their sacred promise. Of the many locations that you can choose from, Bali Villa Wedding or getting married in a wedding villa bali is the best choice. Why do you need to choose a villa? The following are some of the reasons why this location is the best choice for you.

Here are the reasons for choosing a villa as a wedding location

1. Unique Location With Perfect Views

Many classy villas are in unique locations. Like The Heaven on the Top of the Bukit Peninsula Uluwatu Bali. This distinct area is one of the reasons why the villas are quite popular. Different views, areas that are far from the city center, or settlements, even locations with private access can make guests amazed. Not even a few villas use unique architectural designs to suit the location.

2. Have Full Control For Every Detail Event

Of course, the prospective bride and groom have plans or imaginations for the wedding. If you consider this, Bali Villa Wedding provides more flexibility in terms of event control. Unlike hotels or other locations, often the bride and groom can only follow the available concepts. At the Villa, however, you can manage almost anything. Starting from the concept, food, decoration, and even entertainment.

3. The Right Choice To Save On Accommodation And Location Costs

If you want to save on event costs, a villa can be the perfect choice. Villas with wedding locations can certainly reduce the cost of renting rooms and venues. You can rent the available rooms along with the available wedding areas. Of course this will be cheaper than renting a hotel room for each invited guest. Being in the same location can also reduce the transportation costs required.

4. Provide Privacy For Weddings

Weddings are sacred events that are intimate and private. With Bali Villa Wedding you will be renting an entire location. There will be no one other than invited guests and related staff. Interactions in the event will not be interrupted by tourists or foreigners who disturb the event. This is one of the advantages of a private luxury villa. Not only about the event, but all the existing facilities are also available only for you and your guests.


Broadly speaking, renting a villa makes it easy to organize and also entitles special facilities. In addition, locations that also offer residential accommodation can be an option to save costs. Choosing the right location, such as The Surga on the hilltop of the Uluwatu Peninsula, will provide a plus for the scenery and the surrounding area. So make sure you check out The Heaven for a memorable occasion.

By Fina

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